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  • John Cappello
    12/18/2021 01:35 AM
    Highly recommend. Drove all the way up from the Cape to check it out. The prices and selection are unmatched anywhere in the state.
  • Teddy Peacock
    12/13/2021 08:39 PM
    Lived in JA for years and this place is closest to Jamaica
  • Michael
    07/30/2020 07:27 PM
    This place is gonna do big things
  • SensiOnion TV
    07/31/2020 03:50 PM
    Close , reliable, GREAT product, and even better service !!!
  • Stephen Mccarthy
    08/01/2020 04:05 AM
    Great service, in and out no wait. Got banana sundae wax and was not disappointed.many different types of flower! Great spot💨💨💨🤙
  • Stacey Voight
    08/01/2020 09:10 PM
    Very welcoming. I particularly like the local wood work that really sets it off. Nice selection of concentrates. See you again soon. Thank you Mario
  • Joe Surfside
    08/02/2020 12:34 AM
    I had an exceptional experience at CannaVana. Staff is personable, knowledgeable, attentive and genuinely nice. Shop is clean and bright with interesting glass pieces for sale as decoré. Plenty of parking and was easy to find. Got myself a Sour Diesel Pre-roll which the staff praised for its high quality. Looking forward to my next visit…Thank You!
  • David Hyde
    08/02/2020 12:02 PM
    Nice, clean recreational cannabis dispensary in Rockland, MA right down the road from the Union Point (reclaimed airbase) entrance/exit. They feature a diverse flower menu with a comprehensive list of concentrates (wax, live wax, crumble, co2 oil vape carts, etc.)! Ample parking behind the building and ordering ahead through their website via Dutchie made for a quick 5-minute in and out trip before 11am on a Saturday. The staff was pleasant, good vibes all around… Will definitely be returning to what is the first, and best, mj dispensary in Rockland!
  • Stephanie Sweetser
    08/02/2020 03:23 PM
    Great selection and quality. Service was excellent as well!
  • Tommy Muna
    08/02/2020 04:17 PM
    Worst dispensary i have been to got the la kush they said it was 30 percent it was more like outdoor kids very low qaulity i think therr selling hemp not even real cannibis
  • Joel Pelletier
    08/02/2020 10:38 PM
  • Andrew Best
    08/03/2020 02:41 PM
    The men and women working were very professional and well trained. On the way out I met Mario and he knew I was a veteran. I thought it was great that he asked me if I knew any veterans looking for a job he said he has been looking ? Any establishment that has a positive attitude about giving these veterans work is ok by me ! They say patience is a virtue well that definitely applies to the employees of CannaVana dispensary! Thank you for your help and supporting our veterans and their families ! 🔨💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • viktoria foley
    08/03/2020 05:17 PM
    Great quality product, friendly and knowledgeable staff and overall amazing establishment!
  • Joe
    08/04/2020 02:24 PM
  • Peter Mastrangelo
    08/04/2020 05:47 PM
  • Mike Barry
    08/04/2020 07:02 PM
    Heard this place had opened last week so I had to check it out for myself. The owners took great pride in the building and renovation. The parking lot is very accessible with plenty of parking. Once I arrived I was greeted at the door and registered at the front window. After a quick couple of minutes registering I was allowed to enter. The staff couldn’t have been more upbeat, friendly and professional. They have a fantastic selection of multiple items and varying strains and accessories. Highly recommended.
  • Peter M
    08/06/2020 01:15 AM
    Great place, friendly staff and nice selection!
  • Melissa Cassidy
    08/07/2020 03:35 AM
  • Alexandria Cholewinski
    08/07/2020 08:20 PM
  • Ben B
    08/09/2020 09:51 PM
    ‘Highly’ Recommend this dispensary 👍
  • Derek Metcalf
    08/11/2020 06:53 AM
    Great experience! Comfortable atmosphere where I can can get my medication without worry. Friendly attentiveness from the employees makes it an pleasant experience. TY AWESOME
  • Terrence Santos
    08/11/2020 04:05 PM
    Great place, nice selection and the staff is the best.
  • Joe Concannon
    08/11/2020 11:12 PM
  • Nakia Cancel
    08/12/2020 08:18 PM
    The staff there are very nice and the place is so nice in the inside and your in and out no waits
  • Patty Williams
    08/13/2020 03:53 PM
    Wonderful experience Staff very personable So helpful Very comfortable atmosphere In and out Crazy but true They rock come on by give them a try let’s support them . Mom and pop shop Welcome to Rockland we love you all . Patty
  • jeremiah greene
    12/31/2021 02:10 PM
  • Fernando Nascimento
    01/08/2022 08:02 PM